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The Golf Shop offers a wide array of services to help golfers get out on the course and ready to play.  
For those with their own clubs, the shop caters for standard equipment repairs and upgrades (re-gripping and re-shafting).  We can also replace any worn out sprigs in your winter shoes.

Custom Fitting
What is Custom Fitting?

Dynamic custom fitting is the establishment of the specifications of a club/set of clubs for an individual, whilst that person is actually hitting golf balls.

The PGA professional observes the flight of the ball, the individual’s posture and technique, and takes the following issues into consideration:

Components including:
  • Shaft Length
  • Shaft Flex
  • Shaft Weight
  • Shaft Torque
  • Shaft Kick Point
  • Lie Angle
  • Loft Angle
  • Bounce Angle
  • Grip Type/ Thickness
  • Set Composition
It is important you are being fitted by a Qualified PGA Professional as they have experience as both a fitter and an instructor. Here at Remuera Golf Club, we fit everything from a Driver to a Putter to your personal requirements.

Why have your clubs Custom Fitted?

Custom fitted golf clubs are of maximum benefit to golfers who have a consistent swing. The swing doesn’t need to be consistently good, just consistent. With every fit, we ask a number of questions to develop a profile of the individual. Our team have custom fitted clubs for hundreds of people, and of those hundreds, not one has been standard. This means that they could not take a set of clubs off the rack in our Pro Shop and play as with them as well as they could if the clubs were custom fitted.

We have fitting certificates for the following:
  • Titliest
  • Mizuno
  • Callaway
  • Ping
  • Cobra

We have the latest in Trackman equipment. Trackman is a precision swing and ball flight analysis equipment and is the choice of the PGA Tour, USGA, and R&A. With the use of Trackman, we can add another dimension to your coaching plus custom fit your new equipment.

-       Call us today and let us improve your game.  Contact Steve on 09 524 1406.